Saturday, November 6, 2010

Holloween with mah 3rd year H.S. friends

Last October 29, 2010 I met up my friends way back in high school. (my third year friends to be exact) at Off the Grill in Timog, Ave.
It was me and my best friend Raissanne who arrived first.
We talked about how things have gone, issues about the present.. etc etc =)

it's like 10pm when pam, jo and cardel arrived... then apple, france and lastly roseanne.
We were in front of the stage that's why its really hard for us to talked and hear each other. 

During our third year years we were like 12 in the group.
Take note all girls group =)
All singles heheheheehe
Hmmm I can't even remember if we have a name for our group
I guess none.
But recently Rai just tagged a picture and she put there LAMBA Girls.
You might be wondering why LAmba girls?!?
Because before there was a time when we decided to try alcohol for the first time.
And the first alcohol we ever tried in our whole life was....
I can still remember that day when we were so drunk and most of us can't even walk straightly.
It was held here in our home actually.
And whenever my mom would pass by and asked what are we doing,
We will just deny and say...
" Juice po yan Juice lang po yan "
 When we looked back sa past na noon big deal samin
Ngyon wala kaming ginawa kundi tawanan lahat ng yun....

Pam is still funny as ever.
She made our reunion so happy and memorable.
She still have that BANAT na sobrang kwela talaga!

We laughed like we never laughed before...

It was really fun.
I missed them so much.
It's so fun reminiscing those times when we were so young,
how we became friends...
how it all started....

I love my friend...
with them I am ME...