Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Being out

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual... whatever you call it, for me one thing we are all in common....
We are all HUMAN.
I don't know why it is a big deal for others if someone is gay or a lesbian.
I don't see anything wrong about it.
As long as they are happy and wala silang natatapakang tao, I don't see the need not to accept them.

Who are we to judge others?
Do we know what they really feel?
Do we understand where they are coming from?

People who talk to complain, to judge and to make fun of them are those that are narrow minded.

Why don't we try to put our selves in their shoes? Or even try to listen and open our hearts and our mind to understand.

They also have a heart that can be hurt because of our judgement.

Maybe at some point in their lives, they don't even wanted to be who they are because of what other people might say about them.

I have gays, lesbians and bi sexual friends and I love them with all my heart. I love being with their company because they makes me laugh and they are happy regardless of what they're going through in life.

They have this gift to make others happy.

I know most of us would agree that there are no dull moments with them.

Sometimes we are too selfish that we want to be with them because we want to forget our own problem, we want to laugh so we call them or watch them as they perform or throw jokes to us.
 We didn't realize that they have their own problems too but they set it aside just to makes us happy.

ACCEPTANCE it is a word that we need to learn.
UNDERSTAND is something that we need to practice.
EQUALITY that is what we need.

For those who is brave to come out, I SALUTE YOU!
For those who haven't, it's time to be proud of who you truly are. Remove the mask and held your head up high. Maybe there are some who will pull you down, judge you or tease you, but always remember that there are those who understands. Many are those who listen. Many are those who accept.