Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Grade School Reunion

I just attended our grade school reunion last Oct.16, 2010.
Though some of us didn't made it, we still had fun... for sure =)
It's been 12 years when I last saw them...
It's been a really long while...
Some are still single ,
Some have kids (like me =>),
Some are happily married? weh di nga?!
And some are committed.

It's funny how we look back 12 years ago,
Talked about on how we used to be,
our looks and everything.
some talked about how they were enemies
and some reminisced about they're puppy loves hahaahaha .
We also talked about our teachers, those that we called crazy,
strict, funny, business woman, hahahahahaa
and yet.... we missed them.
we thought... 
"Kamusta na kaya sila? sigh."
They are our mentor and with them, we learned!
at some point, we owe them what we are right now
because we will never be like this if it's not because of them =)

It's really good to see them again.
I missed them so much.

And now we are planning to repeat it again sometime in December.
Now I'm excited =)

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